A Multiple Sclerosis Journey


Hello fellow MSer, we are Asmae & Toufik! 

We are like you, proud, yet sometimes -if not all of it- fearful, scared and lost, but why should it be an issue? We have got other stuff to deal with? Isn’t that right? 

Despite the fact that we are from the same country (Morocco), we probably would not know about each other, but thanks to, The Social Network For Multiple Sclerosis, we were able to meet in person, support, talk and listen to each other, in what felt like secretive meetings.  

During one of our meetings, we were discussing those anecdotal and memorable MS accidents we went through, from our first mysterious symptoms, to today’s daily adventures with MS. We realized how MS is just a sneaky “Troll” in our lives, and that’s how the idea of “MS TROLL” was born. It took us sometime to define our vision, and it’s probably going to evolve with us and our MS journey. A journey rich in ironic and somehow funny situations and moments, that we share together as millions1 of MSers around the world. 

Asmae, an Electrical Engineer, who’s acclaimed for her high voltage imagination, will not hesitate to challenge our fears but also boost our moral. Toufik, a Graphic Designer known for his vector anchor points addiction, will make sure everything fits on a grid. 

We are together your guests and you are our distinguished host.  

MS TROLL is a way to face and somehow to “tame” MS by igniting our neurons, in a creative manner, but also a challenge to the mood swing periods which usually have a tandem dance with procrastination and fatigue.  

Let’s troll MS this time!